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From rendering to reality, rp Visual Solutions specializes in the design, engineering, fabrication, testing, and installation of custom mounting solutions for visual displays across a variety of verticals. rp Visual Solutions offers architecturally integrated mounting solutions requiring engineering excellence and knowledge to deliver the best visual experiences. We use the highest quality components to enhance our ability to combine carbon steel, sheet metal and welded components into innovative visual structures.

rp Visual Solutions was established in 2005 by Randy Pagnan, who has been involved in the display business for almost three decades, specializing in 24/7 displays for large-venue display applications and innovative display mounting solutions.

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Competitive Advantages 15 ways you WIN with RPV
  1. Our Visualization Center is open for all to experience. Bring your clients! We’ve got a bevy of displays from front/rear projection screens and mounts, to LED, Kiosks, Microtile Mounts, Touch/Interactive solutions, and Flat Panel Matrix Mounts. Or better yet, bring in your products to pair with our mounts!

  2. Produced in the USA! With all manufacturing processes carried out domestically, we achieve full TAA Compliance. All items are crafted to the highest tolerance levels at fully fit up fabrication facilities in California & Iowa.

  3. We employ several Mechanical Engineers that can design those one-of-a-kind solutions. They draw in Solidworks so that those drawings can be easily dropped into your architectural drawings.

  4. We have a huge portfolio of CAD drawings and photos to use as reference. Feel free to use our drawings to show your clients the possibilities.

  5. We mock up a portion of each project to do a full Factory Certified Test (FCT) with optics validation on all projects. This ensures we work out any kinks before arriving on site. In addition to our Project Manager, we invite our clients to take part of the FCT. The same Project Manager attending the FCT is the one we send on site.

  6. 100% CUSTOM built-to-order. This means you get exactly what you need and it’s tailored specifically to your project.

  7. We are experts at creating large, curved, tilted, and architecturally integrated solutions.

  8. We have mounted the most LED of any mount manufacturer. To date, we’ve installed over 30,000 sq. feet of sub 4mm Direct View LED.

  9. We have many retail flagship references around the world! You can take your clients to almost any mall and see a RPV mount.

  10. We’re brand agnostic! We will partner with any display manufacturer to create a custom solution.

  11. We show well. We’ve been featured in many AV industry magazines and have won numerous awards for our innovative mounting solutions.

  12. We have a labor services division, ASG, that can assist with any installation needs from a single tech to a project manager to oversee your project.

  13. We are specialists for projection systems – engineered screen and mounting solutions.

  14. We are certified through AVIXA to offer CTS RU courses. Enlist the team at RPV to speak at your next function.

  15. You and your clients can see us frequently during trade shows, events, and showcases.

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