Unified Wall Mount Slim

The SLIM LED wall mount is a unique mounting solution that provides all the stability and strength that rp Visuals is known for, but all in an ultra slim and compact form factor. At a nominal depth of only one inch off the wall, the SLIM LED system can be used to mount most solid LED tiles within the 4″ depth required for ADA compliance, while maintaining a strength and long-term stability that until now was not achievable in a low-profile solution.

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  • Ultra-thin profile helps achieve ADA compliance.
  • Manufactured using 11 gauge welded sections for long term stability.
  • Enables an optically perfect gapless joint between tiles by incorporating micro z-axis adjust per array plate allowing adjust without compromising that X or Y axis.
  • Made to order to match the LED tile size and technology.
  • Proprietary dual plane design transforms the system into an effective overall composite structure creating an ultra-thin mounting system that is superior in rigidity and strength.

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