Interactive Solutions

Interactive displays allow the user to physically touch the display, acting as a mouse, use gesture, or near touch. RP Visual Solutions enables customization of any screen, panel display or matrix displays (up to 480″ diagonal) to include interactivity for mobile marketing or digital signage. Dynamic Digital Signage content allows users interaction via touch or near touch, where an interactive overlay connects to either the panel or screen.

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Interactive Touch Bezel

Touch Bezel Solutions

Technologies include: Infrared, Optical, Capacitive, and Diffused Surface Illumination (DSI). IR is where infrared light is used to distinguish between a visual image on the touch surface and the object or finger(s) being tracked. Optical is light sensing using cameras as an optical sensor, and IR source, and a visual feedback display: projector, Tile, LED, or panel. Capacitive Touch Foil uses a highly-transparent film as the substrate, which is then laminated to glass or acrylic. Diffused Surface illumination requires a diffused acrylic or glass to distribute the IR evenly across the surface, when the IR light shines onto the edges of acrylic it gets redirected and spreads to the surface of the acrylic.

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Interactive Applications
  • Retail Kiosks
  • Store Front Windows
  • Way Finding Kiosks
  • Advertising
  • Menus
  • 2, 6, 12, 32 touch points
  • Near touch or gesture touch
  • Up to 480" diagonal image
  • Powdercoated, Wood, Brushed Aluminum, or Laminate Bezel
  • Attachment via display, wall, screen, or mount
RPI Interactive Overlays can be added to the following RPV Products:
  • RPS - Screens (Rear & Front) Interactive Overlays can be added before or after installation
  • RPK Kiosks
  • RPPM Panel Mounts for Single Displays
  • RPPM Matrix Mounts: LED, Mini-Cubes, Panels

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