UC Hastings School of Law

San Fransisco, CA

Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) Screen

  • Implement two projector screens that will be unaffected by ambient light
  • Must function without having to dim overhead lights
  • Tensioned screen ingeniously designed to maintain a geometrically flat and uniform image

UC Hastings School of Law - Lecture Hall Displays


UC Hastings School of Law needed large format, front projection displays in several lecture halls used for presentations, meetings, and classes. The concern was that high ambient light would severely reduce the image contrast on the screens. The AV designer, Charles Salter & Associates, called rp Visual Solutions (RPV) for recommendations.


RPV recommended the dnp Supernova XL, an optically structured Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) screen. ALR screens only allow projected light to be reflected back to the viewer. The 3D-printed, microscopic structure creates up to 7 times the contrast and maintains colors better compared to standard diffusion, front projection screens. Compared to LED, Supernova XL is a budget-friendly, high contrast solution, allowing viewers to see and understand what is being presented to them without any of the overhead lights dimmed. The tensioned screen is ingeniously designed to maintain a geometrically flat and uniform image. Supernova XL is available up to 230 in 16:9 format, making it the perfect choice for large rooms with viewers sitting farther away. RPV is the proud, exclusive distributor of dnp in North America and supplied the screens to the solution integrator, Avidex.

The DNP Supernova XL screens were easy to install and our client was very pleased with the finished product, states Justin Davis, Project Manager at Avidex. At only 80 lbs., the Supernova XL was also a lightweight display option when compared to video walls. When paired with Panasonic 12K laser projectors, Supernova XL ALR screens created a budget-friendly, easy to install solution for the University’s large lecture halls.

Project Partners:

AV Design firm –Charles Salter & Associates
AV Integrator – Avidex

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