The first and only in-wall plate system that is tested and approved by Crestron.


  • All FLEX systems are Crestron-certified
  • FLEX plate maintains Crestron warranty
  • FLEX System supports Wallmate 32 and Wallmate 32MAX
  • 16-gauge metal with tapped screw holes and tie wrap locations
  • Wallmate 16 compatible FLEX System is in production


The Wallmate Crestron FLEX device plate replaces the standard Wallmate Systems peripheral plate to seamlessly support additional FLEX devices while maintaining Crestron’s warranty. We designed the FLEX plate to easily mount the FLEX system components using precisely placed holes on the FLEX plate. Cable tie standoffs are included on the FLEX plate for easy installation and to comply with Crestron-specified cable radius. Our solution ensures reliability and repeatable, efficient installation.

The Wallmate 32 and Wallmate 32MAX systems have enough FLEX plate space on the new Crestron FLEX deice plate to hold not only the FLEX components, but additional equipment such as Crestron NVX, AM series devices, or 1/3rd rack equipment. In fact, the Wallmate 32MAX can have two additional parts added to the FLEX plate.



Crestron FLEX Plate Support

FLEX System Installation Guide

Wallmate Crestron FLEX System Parts

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