Las Vegas, NV

Video Wall

  • Create unique videowall application over 50 feet wide and 15 feet tall
  • Fabricate a 3x2 LED Video wall for the Lobby area at the arena

Esports Arena - Luxor

Project partners for the Esports Arena at the Luxor in Las Vegas included consultant The Sextant Group, integrator CBT Systems, and custom mount manufacturer rp Visual Solutions. This unique video wall application spanned over 50 feet wide and 15 feet tall. RPV designed and engineered the custom ceiling support structure that supports the three (3) video walls comprised of a center structure 18W x 10H and dual flanking structures of 6W x 10H DST 2.5mm dvLED cabinets. This custom mounting tube steel structure weighed in at over 6500 lbs. and was design-built with a front service solution per the application’s requirements. In addition to these 3 structures, RPV also fabricated a 3×2 LED video wall for the Lobby area at the arena.

For this ultimate gaming and entertainment venue, the structure is ceiling suspended and then tied back to the wall with anchor points affixed to the frame. RPV’s mounts are engineered to take the load and tolerance of the LED into consideration and thus take the building out of the equation. By doing this, RPV can achieve a true and level surface as structural walls are not typically flat, and wood will bow over time. Utilizing RPV’s backer frame as part of the custom mounting solution provides stability, ensures a smooth installation, and offers precision alignment. Our team of mechanical engineers worked with the consultant on the project to create a custom solution that would make this gaming experience like none other; truly an unmatched experience.

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