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Front Projection Display

  • Create a meeting space with a large display
  • Display must work inside of a room with a large amount of natural light


The challenge for this Scientific Laboratory was to create a meeting space with a large display inside of a room with a large amount of natural light. rp Visual Solutions (RPV) was contacted by the AV Integrator, Spinitar, to provide a solution for a 155″ display in a room filled with windows. According to Greg Goddard, Account Manager at Spinitar, [The client] needed very high-quality imagery for presentations of work being done at the lab high-end visualization with potential for 3D in the future. The display would also require a custom structure due to a cut-out in the wall.


Front projection with a very good projector and even better screen is the best bang for the buck, said Goddard. In order to maintain contrast and the budget, rp Visuals provided a dnp Supernova Infinity, an optically structured Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) screen. The microscopic structure of Supernova creates up to 7 times the contrast compared to standard diffusion, front projection by utilizing layers of 3D printed technology. dnp Supernova Infinity can be as wide as needed while remaining a budget-friendly solution with contrast comparable to LED.

In addition to the screen, RPV engineered around the building’s architecture and designed a custom frame structure. The frame attaches to the back cut out of the wall, securing the screen with custom tie backs at the bottom frame. The combination of a dnp Supernova Infinity and the custom architecturally integrated frame provided a one-of-a-kind solution for this Scientific Laboratory Meeting Space.

Project Partners

AV Integrator: Spinitar
ALR Projection Screen Manufacturer: dnp Screens
Projector Manufacturer: Barco

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