How Far? What Resolution? What Density of Pixel?

Visual acuityI am often asked about the relation of video technology and viewer position and typically in two forms. First, how far away can a viewer be before they see a good image on a screen/tile/display?  Or the opposite, I have a room that is this 17′ (5.2m), so what resolution or image density should I use in the design?

Well, the answer is possible to calculate, but first, you have to understand what a pixel is, what parts make it up, and the math that allows all the parts to be calculated. I am going to start a mini-series leading up to an article released in February tying this into how to calculate viewing distance using a technology-agnostic formula set based on human vision. So stay tuned! This series is going to change the way you think of video in today’s modern environment.

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