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Integrated Mounting System Wins Retrofit/Installer-Friendly Category For Saving Installation Time and Securing Profit Margins.

Anaheim: CA: rp Visual Solutions, rpv, a leader in custom architectural structures for visual displays, announced today they received a National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) Annual Award recognizing the innovation of the Wallmate 32B flat panel mounting system. Wallmate provides a flexible foundation that future-proofs display installations, leading to its win in the Retrofit/Installer-Friendly category.

Wallmate mounts are designed to be easy to install and provide long-lasting value. Wallmate 32B can accommodate future display changes, upgrades, and servicing throughout the entire life of a building without requiring any reconstruction. The Wallmate 32B is recessed mount that will secure and hold large flat panel displays that weigh up to 300 pounds. The system integrates the back box, display mounting plate, and AV device mounting into one complete solution while maintaining a thin display-to-wall profile. The system simplifies design specification, rough-in, off-site preparation of accessories and cabling, all which speed final installation.

Key elements of the Wallmate 32B include:

  • Mounts directly between studs to save time on construction and eliminates the need for surface blocking.
  • X-Arms support weight without flexing for a smooth open and close.
  • Engineered with 11 to 14-gauge steel and manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Back box includes electrical knock outs for conduit and single gang boxes for easy coordination.
  • Ample equipment storage space in the back box makes it easy to mount all the essential AV gear behind the display.
  • Removable peripheral plate facilitates staging and service to decrease time on-site.

David Wood, Business Development Manager for rp Visual Solutions, accepted the award at the NSCA annual meeting February 23.

“The Wallmate 32B is a very versatile mount for any facility that uses flat panel displays,” said David. “A ton of credit should go to James Fife, our Consultant Extension, and inventor of the Wallmate. The entire Wallmate line is designed with the specifier, contractor, installer, and servicing technician in mind to save time at every step of the process.”

rpv maintains high quality standards in form and function with Wallmate. All

mounts are heavy gauge steel, engineered to be structurally robust and provide long term reliability. rpv’s thoughtful approach to installation and access saves time at every stage of construction, installation, and ongoing service.

About rp Visual Solutions   
rp Visual Solutions, rpv, is the leading manufacturer of creative visual structures. We are a collection of passionate and innovative designers and engineers specializing in the development and implementation of creative visual solutions for the best in gapless joints. rpv solves for large, curved, tilted, and architecturally integrated displays with a special focus on engineered screen solutions that ensures any display technology delivers maximum impact. rpv is known for the best in display optimization, installation, and maintainability. 

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