Sheraton Hotel

San Diego, CA

Wallmate 32B

In a hybrid world, collaboration technology needs to accommodate both in-room and remote audiences. In an upscale hotel environment, that technology must also adhere to aesthetic standards, accommodate diverse users, and allow for easy service and support. rp Visual Solutions’ Wallmate 32B flat panel mounting system does all that and more for KSL Resorts.


Modernizing a hotel’s meeting rooms

Upon purchasing the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, new owner KSL Resorts saw an immediate need to modernize the property’s meeting room collaboration technology to support today’s hybrid meeting trends. The project seemed straightforward enough to AV integrator Fluid Sound – until KL Resorts laid out the full scope of its requirements: The solution needed to be standardized but flexible. It had to be simple yet durable. And the final complexity – highly functional while essentially invisible. To get the job done, Fluid Sound turned to rp Visual Solutions Wallmate flat panel mounting system.


Seeking a total solution for a hybrid environment

Each of the hotel’s hybrid meeting rooms was to be outfitted with 98” NEC Ultra High Definition Commercial Displays (C981Q), 85” Samsung Flip 2 digital whiteboards (WM85R), and the technical infrastructure required to integrate and operate the collaboration technology. The client needed a flexible display mounting solution that simplified the installation of feature-rich AV technology and enabled easy service, support and upgrades – without compromising room aesthetics. That meant that whatever solution Fluid Sound provided, it needed to be both permanent and perfectly integrated into the environment. It simply wouldn’t do to wheel equipment in and out of the room, tape cables to the luxury woven carpet, or crowd the tabletop and walls with peripherals.

Other aspects to the challenge:

  • Achieve ADA compliance of 4” depth from the wall to display front
  • Hidden cabling and infrastructure
  • Easy gear access for service and install


Wallmate: More than a Mount

Fluid Sound had done a thorough needs analysis based on discussions with the client’s architect, interior designer and general contractor. The next step was to search out the available options – and that led straight to rp Visual Solutions’ Wallmate mounting system. Flat panel technology has been the standard for basic visual displays, but mounting them can be problematic due to inter-trade coordination and issues that occur should the display size change. Differing mounts, changing electrical locations and weights, and varying bracing requirements can complicate installation coordination. By integrating the back box, display mounting plate and AV device mounting in a single, low-profile system, the Wallmate 32B flat panel mounting system addresses all these challenges – simplifying system design, rough-in, off-site AV prep, on-site AV installation and equipment servicing. Remarkably, the Wallmate 32B maintains a 0.6” display-to-wall profile while supporting up to 300 lbs, thanks in part to 11 to 14-gauge steel construction and X-ARMS that support the weight without flexing. Feather-light in operation, the X-ARMS make it easy for end users to push and pull the display to/away from the wall Moreover, the Wallmate mounts directly between studs to save time on construction. Its back box includes electrical knockouts for conduit and J-boxes for easy coordination, while a removable peripheral plate facilitates staging and service, decreasing the amount of time technicians need to spend on-site.


Aesthetically pleasing. Beautifully functional.

The Wallmate 32B flat panel mounting system met every client requirement for a visually attractive display that was both simple to install and designed for easy service, support and equipment upgrades.

“When the client was trained on the solution and shown how easily the display can pull away from the wall to access the equipment behind it, they were really impressed,” said Casey McCann, Wallmate Product Specialist. “They hadn’t seen a mounting system that was so low profile, yet so simple to utilize.”

Simplified operation is just the beginning. Installation and maintenance, as well as service and support, are all easier. Perhaps most important, the unobtrusive nature of the Wallmate mounting solution enhances the guest experience, reinforcing the Sheraton’s upscale brand, and making it easy to promote and book the hotel’s state-of-the-art
hybrid meeting rooms.

Equipment List

  • (3) Wallmate 32B with Thin Mounting Plate
  • (2) 85” Samsung Flip Interactive Whiteboard Display
  • 98” Sharp NEC Ultra High Definition 4K Display
  • Shure Wireless Ceiling Array Microphone
  • High Quality Fixed-Frame Video Conferencing Camera
  • Wired HDMI A/V Inputs
  • Dedicated Zoom Room Touch Screen Panel
  • Additional AV Control Touch Panel
  • In-Ceiling Video Conferencing Speakers
  • Digital Signage Capabilities
  • Support for Third-Party Audio Mixer/Mics
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