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RP Visual Solutions adds Consultant Liaison to their Roster

James Fife - rp Visuals Consultant Liaisonrp Visual Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of James Fife to our team in the newly created role of Consultant Liaison. James will be the primary interface for the AV Consultant community and facilitate their need to integrate creative visual structures and optically engineered screens. James hails from Toronto, Canada where he spent over 10 years in the A/V and Consulting community, most recently with Engineering Harmonics. His keen understanding of the consultants’ job and the demand for the right information at the right time will benefit him in this new endeavor.

“Not only are we pleased to announce the creation of this position, a first for a custom solution manufacturer, but adding James with his passion for maximizing the visual display experience is pivotal, commented Randy Pagnan, President. “His experience as a Consultant and understanding of the A/V industry will assist us in solidifying our position as the thought leader and technology expert for visual solutions. We want to be your first call when thinking about display technology options and how to practically integrate these into your environment to be both aesthetically appealing, but also keeping installability and service in mind.

James’s passion for defining and achieving the best in visual display is why he chose to become involved with the INFOCOMM PISCR standards committee. “I knew I wanted to move to a best-of-breed, visualization-related company. One where the solutions they came up with helped others achieve their visions, and one that was as passionate about what they do, as I am. In my search, one company stood out, rp Visual Solutions, who are known for their dedication to the pursuit of perfection in visual solutions. They are dedicated to the overall solution. Not just providing a mount for a screen or wall, but really looking at overall usability and assisting others to make what they dream into a reality.  Like engineers enabling architects, RPV enables AV consultants and designers to achieve new heights. I wanted to enable the impossible, to raise the bar to new heights, to put pixels anywhere and everywhere that can be dreamed of, to blend, merge, warp and leverage visual displays of any technology or platform into solutions previously unseen. I firmly believe RPV to be the secret sauce in visualization solutions, and I am all in. Great things are coming and I can’t wait to start creating, says James.

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