Wood + LED = BAD!

A better Idea is using an isolating mounting system = no lines, no breakage, saved money.

Wood and LED do not mixRecently, I have seen many posts where LED is mounted to plywood on a wall with individual mounts that click/slot together and have no full backer that is through bolted solidly, horizontally, and vertically, or even better welded. Nope, none of that, just simple single mounts on a wall with X, Y, Z adjust to make it flat. And, wow, one particular wall was about 40′ wide. It looked great right after install, BUT, great day 1, bad day 179 🙁

Just glance at the science involved in this approach and it’s obvious why this is a very bad idea. Here are the facts:

  1. Average indoor humidity range is 40-80 percent ambient.
  2. Plywood 4’x8′ sheets change in size by 1.27mm wide and 2.286mm High for that humidity range. Using the 40′ wall example the total is 12.7mm. Even if you let the wall close in using the proper installation spacing, this is a 1.5mm LED, and has an aperture of 0.15mm, so the total space across a 40′ wall is 3mm total. The remaining 9.7mm has to go somewhere!

Using wood backer gives you A. visible lines with install and B. crushing/breakage/$$$ and heat expansion that’s not accounted for yet! Save yourself the trouble.

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