In our current Covid-19 world, movie theater options are dwindling, streaming services are growing, and families are looking to enhance at-home activities. For all these reasons and more, many households are looking to upgrade their home theater and create a space to enjoy movies, the tv series they’ve been meaning to watch, and other streaming options for entertainment. One way to accomplish this without a huge budget is to increase the size of your home theater display by using a projection system.

But what if your room has that one window that prevents you from fully blocking out the light? What if you have an open room layout, and the entertainment area picks up light from the rest of the space? How will you be able to create the contrast levels you need to have an enjoyable viewing experience?

Enter Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) Screens. ALR screens are an optical technology that rejects light coming from areas other than your projector. This allows only the projected light to hit a reflective backing and produce an image comparable to LED displays. Say so long to the washed-out image we all remember from school, where you had to turn off all the lights and pray that the sun wasn’t shining straight through the windows.

Now enter RPV. RPV distributes dnp Supernova screens, the top ALR screen on the market. This incomparable material has a 7-layer, 3D printed structure to block out ambient light and provide you with a pristine image in your home. When it comes to designing your space, dnp has 5 models fit for a home theater that can pair with different types of projectors and layouts to create your ideal viewing experience. Read on to see which one works best in your space:

dnp STW

dnp STW (short throw wide) screens are perfect for utilizing economical ultra-short-throw projectors in a smaller room space. These lower-cost, lens-less projectors require less space and can be hidden in a credenza in front of the STW screen. This screen is available in 100-120 diagonals in both 16:9 and 16:10 layouts. To maintain contrast, the screen’s optical structure uses a reflected surface angled down towards the projector and an ALR surface to reject the light coming from above.

dnp Supernova Core

dnp Supernova Core is a flexible screen solution assembled on-site with a black velvet frame. The rolled, flexible material makes this screen a great solution if your ingress is tricky. The Supernova Core is also an economical solution costing 25% less than rigid projection screens. It is available in 100-120 16:9 or 16:10 options and utilizes the standard throw ALR material in either a .8 or 2.3 gain. The velvet frame also acts as an over-scan border requiring less projector adjustment over time.

dnp Supernova One 

dnp Supernova One is the original dnp ALR rigid, framed screen. This screen ships fully assembled allowing for a quicker installation process as it can get mounted out of the box straight onto the wall. The 2020 upgraded thinner frame system also increases the perceived contrast in the projected image making this a perfect option for a brightly lit bonus room. This screen model is available in the standard throw materials in the .8 or 2.3 gain, in 16:9 or 16:10, and from 100-120 diagonals.

dnp Supernova Blade

dnp Supernova Blade remains the only FRAMELESS ALR screen available in the world of screens, creating a floating image aesthetic. The frameless design along with the hook mounting system keeps the screen 3mm thin and less than 1 total off the wall when wall mounted. There is also the option to ceiling mount the Blade for a floating aesthetic. The Blade is a standard throw screen available in the .8 or 2.3 gain in 100-120 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratios.

dnp Supernova Flex Classic

dnp Supernova Flex Classic is dnp’s electric drop-down screen that can be mounted to the wall, below the ceiling, or paired with an RPV ceiling recessed case. This screen is the perfect solution for a multiuse room where the screen can be hidden to expose a wall filled with books, games, art, etc. The screen is available in 100-120 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio with the .8 gain standard throw material.

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