Wallmate: The Flat Panel Mounting Solution Flying off the Shelves

Flat Panels
For years, flat-panel technology has been the defacto standard for basic visual displays. The odd thing is, mounting them hasn’t been easy due to inter-trade coordination and other quirks that occur once the display size changes. Different mounts, different electrical locations, different weights, and different bracing requirements should be easy to accommodate, but for decades has caused frustration.

rp Visuals specifically sought out AV designer, end-user, and service teams to create a new solution, the Wallmate. Wallmate is a simple and easy-to-implement wall mounting solution with three different models to accommodate various weights and sizes of LCD panel displays. Wallmate is a wall mount that solves a multitude of problems for design and integration teams such as:

  • The removal of inter-trade disagreement.
  • Accommodating display size changes.
  • Allowance of fixed mount or pull-out mount styles enabling all budgets.
  • The ability to expand the system in the future.
  • Expediting Room Up Time

Plus, so much more

All this resolved with a system that is likely the most stable and structurally sound mounting system there is!

So, What Exactly is Wallmate?

Wallmate is a fully integrated flat panel mounting system that quickly installs into the wall between standard studs. No headers or footers, no fuss, and no work building extra studs. Simply brace it to the studs and go. The structurally reinforced steel back box with welded cross steel braces offers unparalleled strength for mounting up to a 350 lbs. display. So, if you are a G.C or E.C., implementing the box on site is quick and easy. Think of the time saved by not needing to custom build the wall structures for displays!

Designed for Inter-trade Coordination
To further assist with onsite implementation, inter-trade cooperation, and design team coordination, the top and bottom of the box is where all the data, electrical, and AV lands. Each box has several single gang box and conduit landing locations; up to 12 conduit and 8 single gang! More than enough for almost any project.

Designed for Display Upgrades and Different Mounting Styles
Implementation teams will like the fact that the back box is designed for storage space size and display weight, not the display size. So, when a room changes from a 55″ to a 75″ display, the box is still the same box. A Wallmate 32 can even handle changes from a 55″ to a 100″.  So, no more changes to junction box locations, or tearing open a wall when the display changes; simply put the new size display on the Wallmate system and you’re done.

As another example, if you had a fixed mounted, lift-off 55″ system and needed to upgrade to a 296 lbs. 98″ display, a new lift-off system would require a sturdier support structure and make ongoing service a pain. However, if a Wallmate system was inside the wall, you can use the same back box. Simply remove the lift-off mount and install a Wallmate X-Arm pull-out mount. Now the display can easily extend out for service to devices in the box, or to connections on the back of the display. This saves time and money by not needing a whole new system and shortening future service visits.

Designed for Inevitable Change
Wallmate’s back box allows for inevitable equipment changes because IT services and AV techs know things change. The reality is that technology changes so quickly no one has the ultimate magic crystal ball to see the systems of the future. Wallmate has you covered. When components need to change and you need more space, rather than breaking out the Velcro, just add an Auxiliary Tray, the in-wall glove box for your system. Remember no header and footer means an auxiliary tray doesn’t require a wall rebuild, so it can be added anytime! Implement with ease of mind, so that when the CEO changes their mind, you’re covered!

Designed for Up Time

We know that rooms are created to enable creativity and communication, but when a room goes down teams and productivity are affected. With that in mind, all Wallmate models have quick-remove device peripheral plates. This allows AV and IT teams to create spare parts packages that enable very quick, ultra-short room exchanges. Rather than servicing the components in the room, the system can be serviced on the bench. No one wants to be waiting for a device RMA to get a room up. Also, as mentioned before, display size upgrades can be performed quickly, getting users back to collaborating sooner. Save yourself time and look like a superstar getting the room up in minutes, not days.

So that’s Wallmate. A simple, effective method to implement flat panel displays with ease from the start of design to after install service. And don’t forget, we are 100% manufactured in the US, designed in the US, steel welded and assembled in the US, shipped from the US by rp Visual Solutions.

Check out the following Wallmate Videos for additional information:
Wallmate 16
Wallmate 32
Wallmate 32 MAX

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