RP Visual Solutions Wallmate Now Offers First and Only In-Wall Device Plate Adapter Tested and Approved for Creston FLEX

New Crestron FLEX Plate System Integrates All Components Within the Wallmate Box, Keeping Components Out of View For Cleaner Overall Aesthetic

Anaheim, CA: rp Visual Solutions (RPV), a leader in custom architectural structures for visual displays, announced today the availability of a new adapter plate for RPV’s Wallmate 32 and 32MAX in-wall mounting systems that will accommodate Crestron’s FLEX System and FLEX components. RPV’s Crestron FLEX Plate System has been Crestron-certified and maintains all Crestron warranties; the first and only adapter to achieve this status.

“We continue to increase the adaptability of our Wallmate mounts with the introduction of this new FLEX adapter plate”, said John Brereton, General Manager of rp Visual Solutions. “Wallmate not only speeds the installation of displays and associated peripherals, it now accommodates the latest Crestron FLEX technology. A Wallmate with FLEX capabilities is the perfect solution for new hybrid meeting spaces.”

The Wallmate Crestron FLEX device plate replaces the standard Wallmate System’s peripheral plate to seamlessly support FLEX devices while maintaining Crestron’s warranty. FLEX devices are easily installed by following precisely placed and marked holes on the plate. The Wallmate 32 and Wallmate 32MAX systems have enough space on the new Crestron FLEX deice plate to hold not only the FLEX components, but additional equipment such as Crestron NVX, AM series devices, or 1/3rd rack equipment. Wallmate 32MAX is cavernous enough that it can accommodate two additional pieces added to the FLEX plate.

Cable tie standoffs are included on the FLEX plate for easy installation and to comply with Crestron-specified cable radius. As always, RPV Wallmate solutions ensure reliability and repeatable, efficient installation. FLEX plates for the Wallmate 32 and 32MAX series are available for shipment now. RPV will soon be adding these beneficial FLEX plate capabilities to its Wallmate 16 series, designed for smaller displays.

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rp Visual Solutions (RPV) is the leading manufacturer of creative visual structures. We are a collection of passionate and innovative designers and engineers specializing in the development and implementation of creative visual solutions for the best in gapless joints. RPV solves for large, curved, tilted, and architecturally integrated displays with a special focus on engineered screen solutions that ensures any display technology delivers maximum impact. RPV is known for the best in display optimization, installation, and maintainability.

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