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Reliable, Rigid Mount Designed For 75” to 100” Displays

Anaheim: CA: rp Visual Solutions, rpv, a leader in custom architectural structures for visual displays, announced today they have added the Wallmate T-Up to their growing line of panel display mounts. The T-Up is designed to simplify on-wall mounting of 75” to 100” heavyweight panel displays. As an on-wall mount, T-Up is the perfect addition to rpv’s established Wallmate in-wall mounting systems.

“With the addition of T-Up to the Wallmate line, audio visual designers have a complete range of quality mounts for any display on any structure.” said John Brereton, General Manager of rp Visual Solutions. “The T-Up is a superior option for large, heavy displays, especially those that offer interactive touch and need rigidity.”

The T-Up system follows rpv’s overall design plan for clean installation of the display and additional peripherals such as video receivers, signage players, or UC interfaces. Both VESA compliant and non-compliant displays can be mounted quickly and easily to the system.  T-Up includes one removable 1 RU device mounting plate that fits many display peripherals. Separate peripheral mounts allow electronics to be quickly staged in assembly line style off site to speed installation on-site. Up to two more mounting plates can be added at any time. T-Up also simplifies service access; panels swing easily upward thanks to a built-in lift assist mechanism.

rpv’s engineering and quality standards in form and function continue with the new T-Up.  Even with all its features, T-Up maintains a minimal depth of 1.9” – 2.4” from the back of the mounted display to the wall; assisting with ADA compliance. Like the Wallmate 16, 32, 32MAX, and Surface, the T-Up is an all-steel mount engineered to be structurally robust and provide long term reliability. rpv’s thoughtful approach to installation and access saves time at every stage of construction and ongoing service.

About rp Visual Solutions

rp Visual Solutions, rpv, is the leading manufacturer of creative visual structures. We are a collection of passionate and innovative designers and engineers specializing in the development and implementation of creative visual solutions for the best in gapless joints. rpv solves for large, curved, tilted, and architecturally integrated displays with a special focus on engineered screen solutions that ensures any display technology delivers maximum impact. rpv is known for the best in display optimization, installation, and maintainability.

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