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Wallmate LED is Strategically Designed and Engineered to Mount LED Video Walls Up to 135” With Easy Installation and Service Access to Back Box Peripheral Equipment

rp Visual Solutions, rpv, a leader in custom architectural structures for visual displays, announced today they will be launching a new Wallmate mounting system that greatly simplifies the installation of increasingly popular, seamless LED video walls. The Wallmate LED is a single, exceptionally strong mount that will accommodate the size and weight of All-in-One LED video walls. rpv engineers designed this mounting system specifically for:

  • All-in-One LED video wall-style displays that have much larger backer frames compared to LCD and OLED flat panels.
  • An incredible 400 lbs display weight capacity. Strategically positioned strengthening of the back-channel frame enables the system to hold larger 105”, 110”, and 135” LED video walls (as will be shown at InfoComm June 8 – 10).
  • Mounting of peripheral devices in a back-box behind the LED display. LED drive boxes, local video receivers, and more can be integrated inside the back box, out of sight yet easily accessible.

“This is the third new Wallmate mounting solution introduced for InfoComm 2022, said David Wood, Business Development Manager at rp Visual Solutions. “The Wallmate LED is our newest, highly beneficial mounting system designed for installers as the growth of LED video wall technology increases. RPV continues to solve the display mounting challenges we learn about through conversation with our clients.”

The Wallmate LED uses rpv’s hallmark back-box, peripheral plate, and X-arm extension technology to simplify installation and servicing. The back box, with X-arms, can be installed by contractors during the construction phase of a project. Peripheral components for the display wall can be mounted on the separate peripheral plate, inside the Wallmate back box that fits snugly between wall studs. Advance staging of one or multiple displays is made easier because all peripheral technology is mounted to the peripheral plate that is then simply mounted to the back box. An All-in-One style LED display wall is then mounted to a mounting plate on the Wallmate X-arms. Even holding weight up to 400 lbs, when the X-arms are extended for installation and service, Wallmate LED remains stable. This enables LED video walls to be installed and serviced like a flat panel display.

Like all Wallmate Mounts, the Wallmate LED is made with heavy gauge steel, in the United States, to be structurally robust and provide long term reliability.

About rp Visual Solutions   
rp Visual Solutions, rpv, is the leading manufacturer of creative visual structures. We are a collection of passionate and innovative designers and engineers specializing in the development and implementation of creative visual solutions for the best in gapless joints. rpv solves for large, curved, tilted, and architecturally integrated displays with a special focus on engineered screen solutions that ensures any display technology delivers maximum impact. rpv is known for the best in display optimization, installation, and maintainability. 

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